Preventing a Cross Connection into the Dishwasher Drain

Preventing a Cross Connection into the Dishwasher Drain

Whom Would Like To Call a Plumber?

A real estate agent told me how much he dislikes it when I recommend raising the dishwasher drain line under the kitchen sink at a recent home inspection. I’ve worked together with his consumers on a few occasions, however in their opinion that is a certain area where he seems that I’m being a touch too particular by calling this down as a product needing repair.

There probably aren’t a lot of plumbing technicians around which have not gotten a telephone call from the troubled home owner whom has dirty water within the base regarding the dishwasher. Plumbing technicians must love these phone telephone calls, since they may charge for a site call and typically fix the problem inside a couple of minutes with merely a screwdriver, a clamp and a screw or two. Issued, there could be other stuff in play, such as for example a malfunctioning dishwasher check valve on more recent models, nevertheless the fix are fairly easy.

It was done by the Disposer

Most of the time, the issue takes place when the drain line when it comes to dishwasher is attached to a trash disposer. In the act of shredding and chopping up meals scraps, sometimes an element of the effluent gets forced along the dishwasher piping plus the drain line. If the dishwasher drain sags down right where it links towards the disposer, all sorts of meals scraps and sink waste can stick to the piping and beneath the right conditions can result in the bottom of the dishwasher.