16-Best Players Whom Could Have Played for any Other Countries

16-Best Players Whom Could Have Played for any Other Countries

It is international week, but maybe there is some players on the market wondering exactly what might have been?

After Jose Mourinho’s instructions, Diego Costa has been overlooked of this Spain squad because of their qualifier against Belarus and a subsequent friendly against Germany, but of course he very nearly never managed to get into that squad into the first place.

The Brazil-born forward actually played in two friendlies for the nation of his birth before switching allegiance to Spain after being issued nationality in 2013, but he’s not even close to being alone when it comes to having a selection over which country to relax and play for.

Here are some other celebrity names who had been up against a comparable question.


Before we start, however, some urban myths require busting. Despite that which you may have heard, the reality is that:

  • Ryan Giggs could not have played for England.
  • Zinedine Zidane could have played for never Algeria.
  • Michael Owen could have played for never Wales.

Giggs was born in Cardiff to Welsh moms and dads whom then relocated to Manchester, so he played for England’s schoolboys due to the fact he went to school in England. The new guidelines on nationality which were brought in in 2009 might have allowed him to express England, but needless to say he’d played a lot of times for Wales by then.