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The software automatically takes a snapshot of the OS after executing any job on the OS, including when you discover and manage the OS. A snapshot is stored as a catalog with the time stamp and job details after every update job that you run on a system.

The OS Update reports enable you to check for new updates and update your systems. You can get a general report, or test a system for available fixes.

  • For example, you can run the Oracle Solaris Update Compliance reports for Oracle Solaris update releases and bring systems into compliance with those bundles.
  • Oracle Solaris update release bundles contain the equivalent set of updates to the corresponding update.
  • However, this feature does not perform a full Oracle Solaris upgrade from one release to another.
  • Alternatively, a catalog can be saved as a profile, and then an operating system update job can be run using this profile.

To see operating system information, expand Assets in the Navigation pane, then select the operating system. You can use the Operating Systems filter to just display the operating systems, as shown in Figure 13-3. Two management modes are available, agent managed and agentlessly managed.

To perform updates to your Linux or Oracle Solaris 8, 9, or 10 operating system, the operating system must be a managed asset. Oracle Solaris 11 and Microsoft Windows do not require an agent managed operating system.

Manage the operating systems with an agent for the most robust feature set, including reports, monitoring, and analytics. See Discovering and Managing Assets for more about the discovery and management process. See Using Agent Management for Operating Systems for the differences between the two modes and how to change the agent management mode. You can view your managed operating systems with the All Assets view or the Operating Systems view, as shown in Figure 13-1 and Figure 13-2. You create update jobs with operating system update profiles and policies to update an operating system.

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Predefined profiles are provided to perform common system-wide checks and to automate the operating system updates. When you create a report, you select the criteria that are relevant to you, such as a list of hosts that have a specific patch or a list of hosts that do not have a specific patch. Table 13-2 lists the report name and the operating systems for which you can pull the report. See Creating an Operating System Report in Chapter 10 for detailed information about these reports.

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