College of Artwork and Sciences. Going out with the Demise associated with Dinosaur

College of Artwork and Sciences <a href=""></a>. Going out with the Demise associated with Dinosaur

Saturday, March 53 p.m.Virtual Zoom eventEmail Kristen E. Roland or Quinn Morris when you look at the Departmant of Mathematical Sciences for focus resources.

Precisely why did the dinosaurs move extinct, as soon as? And exactly how can we realize? The majority of our personal familiarity with a brief history of life arises from the fossil tape. However fossil tape happens to be notoriously incomplete, and for that reason, likely inaccurate. Just how, next, can we learn something about life on the planet a large number of years in the past? Contained in this talk, Dr. Steven Wang, Swarthmore school will reveal their exploration on what we could know bulk extinctions — such as the the one that murdered the dinosaurs — from imperfect signs from inside the fossil history.