The Reason Why Babes Can Be Assholes On Tinder—Confessions Of A Singaporean F-Girl

The Reason Why Babes Can Be Assholes On Tinder—Confessions Of A Singaporean F-Girl

Are An F-Girl

Disclaimer: this post is while using viewpoint of a self-identified F-girl and it is maybe not symbolic off lady

*Names have now been changed to guard personal information

Nearly we all point hands at guys and call them “F-boys” once we come played, we can’t reject some of us ladies mirror these less-than-desirable behaviours also.

The female equivalent of F-boys, F-girls program curiosity before ghosting her object of consideration, to never be seen once more.

To discover answers to the reason some models choose to be wanks as soon as matchmaking, we sat off with self-identified F-girl, Chantel*, to ask just what proceeds on into the brains among these playgirls.

Exactly why do you imagine males fall for F-girls?

Chantel: I reckon covertly all men are anticipating any particular one female that will make their life rewarding for the kids. It’s similar to the reason why ladies fancy poor men.

Do you realize what’s negging? It’s fundamentally are an asshole. You tease all of them, shut them out, render backhanded comments. It creates a want to suit your eyes and endorsement. The saddest part of this asshole move both F-boys and F-girls utilize is it actually works.

It does work because numerous Singaporean men on internet dating apps tends to be vulnerable about on their own. Most are assertive assholes who possess a specific bravado and want a girl which can dare these people. Or they’re the nerdy means exactly who dont really obtain shit and are a touch of a noob.

They dont create limitations themselves and allow visitors take care of all of them terribly.