At this frequently asked questions page, we have collated all possible information you’d need as you navigate this website. We know you have a lot of questions for us. We hope to address that here as we answer the common questions from our customers who come to our website often.

Is this the official website of Laura Boushnak?

Unfortunately, we are not the official website of Laura Boushnak nor are we affiliated to any of her staff. We are not affiliated with any organization too, whether public or private. Moreover, are non-profit too which means that we render ourselves for free. What we are is an entity that would like to pay tribute to the brilliance of this outstanding artist and photographer.

Do you sell the masterpieces of Laura?

We are not authorized to sell and distribute the works of Laura Boushnak. We merely support her here. If you want to take a look at her works as an artist, you can send her a letter directly. We assure you that you won’t regret it.

Do I need an account before I can visit your website?

Accounts are not anymore necessary unless you are going to interact with other people through the forum page. At the forum page, signing up is mandatory because this is the only way we can assign a code name for you. No worries if you are hesitating because of your perceived expenses in when you sign up with us. We never charge any type of fees for our visitors.

How can I sign up?

At the landing page of this website, you can simply press the link at the upper right-hand corner of the page. It will redirect you to another web page where you can sign up. Just submit that and wait for a confirmation letter in your email which will inform you if your account creation is successful.
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