Is Prk More Expensive Than Lasik

PRK or photorefractive keratectomy and LASIK are surgical procedures that are used in helping to improve eyesight. PRK is the oldest here, but both of them are still used as a method is correcting eyesight problems. These procedures are all used to modify any issues with your cornea. A corner is generally made up of five transparent and thin tissue layers over the front of the eyes which refract or bend and focuses light on helping you see.

Each of these surgery procedures utilizes different in correcting and reshaping your cornea tissues.

Under PRK, the top layer of your corner is taken away, the surgeon then uses the lasers in reshaping your other layers of the corner and in the processes fixes any abnormalities in the curvature of your eye.


With LASIK, the surgeon will use a tiny blade or lasers to create a very thin flap in your corner. The flap is usually raised up then the surgeon uses the laser to shape your corner to a correct form.

PRK Recovery

Under each of these surgery procedures, a patient feels a bit discomfort or pressure. You will also be able to notice changes in your visions as there will be some modifications in your eye tissues.

Don’t get scared; you won’t feel any pain. The recovery from this procedure takes about a month.

LASIK recovery


Recovery from this surgery is faster compared to PRK; you are also likely to see more clearly with LASIK even without glasses. In a few days after your surgery, you are likely to gain a clear vision.

 Is PRK more expensive than Lasik?

It cost between $2500 and $5000 for both surgeries. LASIK is less expensive than PRK, mainly because PRK needs more post checks to monitor and remove the bandage over the course of your recovery process.Both of them are mostly not covered in most health plans because they are considered to be elective.