This website really inspires me a lot. I read so many stories here on a daily basis that it pushes me to be the best person that I can be. I haven’t had a nice childhood as well. Not only once did I feel as if the world is conspiring against me, but it has already been a frequent occurrence especially lately. A good thing with this website, I found a nice past time that really encourages me. As I read about the stories of others, although I am saddened by the unfortunate events that happened in their lives, I still cannot help but be thankful that I have friends who always help me surpass it all. I learned to appreciate what I have and I don’t anymore get angry at the slightest provocation. This is because I realized that people may be the way they are because they are suffering. Such understanding gave me a much better outlook on life.


This is one of the most inspirational websites I’ve ever had the chance to stumble into. What is amazing is that this is not simply one-sided because the admin and the people behind this website always make sure to get also the opinions of people who visit here frequently. They ask about their stories and they always make sure that they are heard. They ensure that such is spread widely to many people all over the world. This helps to be the light at the end of the tunnel whenever they are on their darkest days. Another thing I discovered on this website is that there are people who are always ready to listen here. You can find many of them on the forum page of this website. They are very friendly. You can expect them to be good ears when to listen to you whenever you need a friend.

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