Why The Split Snatch Is Favorite Lift For Athletes

The Clean (both the power and squat versions) has come to be the premier elevator for those wanting to test or show power and explosiveness from the weight area. However, having watched innumerable athletes both in online and person execute the elevator with inadequate technique, I have begun to feel that the sterile maybe is not the very best elevator for athletes.

The attributes we need within our athletes–speed, power, power, coordination, balance and assurance (while making security a priority)–are far much better exhibited using the Alternating split snatch.

There are people who assert that Olympic lifts and their versions are not worth the attempt. They do need exceptional technique and decent coaching. Both are really lacking in several areas and in these situations, they’re probably not worth the danger.


The attributes that we need could be acquired in different ways, including Med Ball Throws, Hex Bar Jumps along with my favorite, and sled versions. Though they do need significantly less procedure, I am not a major fan of those single-arm variations of this Olympic lifts.

They are sometimes a great entry-point to studying the motion, but I’ve had and noticed difficulties with neck and shoulder injuries when moving deep together.

But for the trainers having the time/expertise and also for athletes that are searching for the battle, Olympic lifts are a lot rewarding. Many athletes enjoy that the Olympic lifts especially for the variety and challenge they manage. They’re definitely the most effective and quickest movements in all sport and actually, in my view, the most interesting thing you can perform in a general weight area.


That which we do not desire is to get our athletes become hurt in the weight area. We’ve got all heard tales or noticed firsthand athletes getting hurt performing hefty Cleans. Instagram and Twitter are filled with movies of really lousy cleans, normally from athletes with terrible technique hoping to raise weight well over what they are able to deal with.

As shown by this film published by a few of the Olympic medalists and world champions at a power game in some Power Cleans. He’s placing his knees and back great danger with this elevator even though he could make it seem “simple”